Family Reunion
Caesar and Connie
40th Anniversary
These pictures of the 2009 family reunion and Caesar and Connie's 40th anniversary were made available by Richie Vivolo.  I would love to include any other pictures taken by other family members. Please e-mail them to me at  Or mail to my home at 1309 Woodstock Dr. Palm Harbor, Florida 34684. I would be more than happy to return them to you after I scan them.  Thanks, and I hope you enjoy this web page.
Not In Attendance....But There In Spirit
Aunt Jo & Cousin Christina
Cousin Raymond & Aunt Jo
More Pictures To Follow

Cousin Caesar & Daughter Suzanne
Uncle Ben & Aunt Marie
Cousin Gina & Kevin
Cousins Joy & Matt
Aunt Nancy & JoAnn
Aunt Marie Muccioli Raymond, Aunt Maryann & Millie
Uncle Frankie's Grandchildren
(Right)  Steven Muccioli and Wife.
Theresa, John, Karen & Annette
Aunt Millie Ferraro
Uncle Frankie & Grandchildren
Aunt Marie, Connie, Caesar and Jennifer
Richard & Aunt Maryann
Donna & Gina
Aunt Maryann & Uncle Tony
Jo D'Aquino Aunt Marie & ?
Tina's Son, Uncle Tony & Vinnie
Aunt Marie
& Grandkids
Uncle Tony
Aunt Nancy
Aunt Millie, Maryann and Nancy
Aunt Millie,
Suzanne & Aunt Maryann
Aunt Jo, Uncle Frankie & Aunt Mille
Theresa, Rocky & Aunt Nancy
Caesar, Connie & Jennifer
Jo D'Aquino, Annette & John
John, Annette, Vinnie & Jo
Cousins Jo & Vinnie
Aunt Millie, Aunt Mayann & Aunt Nancy
Aunt Millie, Aunt Maryann & Uncle Ben
Aunt Maryann, Uncle Ben & Cousin Tina
Aunt Millie, Cousin Connie & Aunt Maryann
Aunt Maryann, Aunt Marie, Uncle Ben & Cousin Tina
Jay & Barbara At Halloween Party
Jay & Barbara At Halloween Party
Jay & Barbara